Saturday, November 26, 2005

Chatuchak (aka Jatujak) Market

Thought I'd put up some pictures of one of our favourite places to go to in the world (so far :P).

This place never fails to fill me with a sense of awe at its sheer massiveness. On our visit to Bangkok, we went there 4 times! Friday, Saturday, Sunday and just before we left on a Wednesday.

View from the train on the way to the market Posted by Picasa

Every weekend, giant hordes of people pour to the market. Just about everyone in the train and on the roads are going there, tourists and locals alike.

Hordes of people and traffic Posted by Picasa

On Wednesdays, there is a plant and flower market in the grounds when all the shops are not opened. The main road in the market gets filled up with all sort of plants - even trees! They actually cart trees in on trucks and line them up along the road in front of the shops up to 6 deep! It sort of feels like being in a forest or garden rather than Chatuchak. This place would be great if you had a big garden to set up but of course, there was nothing for us.

Loads of plants Posted by Picasa

More plants Posted by Picasa

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