Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hey there from Bangkok!

We are now in an Internet cafe in Bangkok spending some time since it keeps raining. It has been rather rainy this weekend unfortunately. We got to witness the Chatuchak drainage system and it is really not fantastic, especially when the rains are giant torrents of water. But on the whole, we seem to have been rather lucky with the timing of being in the correct (non-flooding areas) whenever it pours.

Flooded market after heavy rains Posted by Picasa

As always, we have walked lots and lots over the past few days. Many places are still the same as the last time we were here but there are a couple of new shopping centres sprouting up around (e.g.: Siam Paragon and The Platinum Fashion Mall). Pity we won't get to see them too soon. The new underground MRT system does make it slightly easier to get around this time too (to Suan Lum Night Bazaar especially).

Oh the rain has stopped for now again (2.26pm). Have to get headed for the market...not many hours left...

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