Saturday, November 26, 2005

Back in Melbourne

Our long one month break has finally come to an end and we are back here in Melbourne, unaccustomed to the time yet, which explains why I am still here online at this time which is 10pm in Singapore.

Of course I feel sad to have to leave my family members, Small Bunny and Singapore in general but life goes on...we will see them again in a year, which nowadays, does not seem to be a long time as the days fly by so quickly. It was really fun while it all lasted.

Small Bunny lazing away the afternoon Posted by Picasa

It will be a busy weekend for us...recharging the fridge with food, collecting Bobbi bunny from the nice people who have helped looked after us (hopefully she still remembers us) and getting all settled down to start work on Monday (ARGH!!).

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