Saturday, April 28, 2007

A sunny Saturday (although it is not supposed to be)

Took a trip out to the Docklands today to take a look at a boutique craft market that happens there on Saturdays in April. It was a beautiful morning even though the weather forecast was that there was going to be rain. There has been quite a build up of expectation of rain these couple of days but it does not really seem to be happening here in Melbourne anyway. From the pictures below, you would not imagine that the forecast was for showers and possible thunderstorms.

The craft fair was not a big one and we did not get anything but it was nice being out in the nice weather and at a different from usual place that we normally go to. There was also a little animal farm set up there which had a cute bunny in it.

Docklands Park

Sculptures at Waterfront City

Stalls at the craft market

Cute bunny

Waiting for the boat (actually I think they are waiting for the people eating fish & chips to leave food behind)

There are lots of jellyfish in the harbour!!! They are flourishing here.

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