Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Saturday out

We rented a car and decided to go out and see some different things from the usual. Made it to the Veg Out St Kilda's Farmers' Market. Good thing it was the right day for the market since it only happens on the first Saturday of each month. This was nice. There were stalls selling vegies and fruits, eggs, olives, bulbs for planting, herbs, sauces & meat. I really like the atmosphere of these markets - people having hot dogs & coffee, walking around with kids and dogs and stuff coming from the source. I bought 2 packets of raisins (to share with Bobbi), eggs, apples and onions.

After that, we made our way through Chapel Street & Bridge Road as well. It is quite fun having a car sometimes - a lot can be covered at one go.

We later went to check out the houses at Caroline Springs. That was fun too. There were display houses which made us oooh and aaah more and more as we went from one house to the next. You would get luxurious living at there for the price of an apartment in the city. The only thing is it takes about 45 mins drive and that is not fun to do on a daily basis I bet.

Look at the amount of space!

I like this!

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