Sunday, March 25, 2007


So much was happening this weekend in the city. On top of the FINA festival happening at the Birrarung Marr, there was the Wicked Sunday at Federation Square as well today. Part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, this festival had stalls selling chocolates, wines, gourmet ice-creams, pastries, nougats, rich cheeses and coffee. Naturally it was rather crowded.We had ice-cream and bought chocolate and pastries. :)

Crowds where there is food

It was a lovely day too! After a slighly more rainy than usual Friday and Saturday, the sunny blue sky was nice (not that I am complaining about having rain). Nevertheless, it was quite cold still.

A nice but windy day!

Had intended to try and catch some of the performances around but the rather cold wind made it not too nice sitting around waiting for the events to start. I am not really prepared for winter yet so the jacket was not warm enough. So it turns out that I did not manage to even watch a single performance at the FINA festival :( But then again, knowing how it is here, there will be another excuse for a festival coming up.

On our way back, we passed by Lonsdale Street and there was the Antipodes (Greek) Festival. Couldn't believe how many things can be going on in the city at one time.

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