Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday night out

Was intending to go check out some of the festival events happening around Fed Square this evening because of the 12th FINA World Championships. There were so many performances and interesting things lined up so I was looking forward to it. Got to the first one which started half an hour late. We decided to go and have dinner at the nearby Chocolate Buddha restaurant first and continue seeing the events later.

That was a really good idea because in a couple of minutes after we went in the restaurant, rain started pouring like mad with strong winds to boot. Luckily we didn't wait to sit outside either - there was a waiting list for seats outside. Most of the festival got cancelled because of the rain that went on and off for quite a while.

Well, looks like I will have to try and catch the events over the weekend instead. But at least we had a nice dinner at one of the places I have wanted to try out. :)

Young Voices of Melbourne & Sirocco at Fed Square

Tempura honey rice ball with red bean and ice-cream. Yummy!

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