Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Goodbye to a dear friend - 16 July 2005 to 22 April 2009

I had to make the decision to let Bobbers go off to the Rainbow bridge today. She was not eating or pooping and Xrays at the vet showed that she has a mass in her stomach which indicated she has uterine cancer. It had apparently also spread to her lungs. She was going to have a tough life ahead. It is hard to have her go and not come back anymore but I think it is the best for her because she wouldn't have to suffer too much.

Bobbers was the best bunny ever. She was one bun with attitude and personality and it was already hard for me to leave her each day to go to work.

I will always remember her cute face, beautiful whiskers, her soft furry nose that I kiss every day and how she purrs with joy when I give her jaw rubs. She had the prettiest bunny lips, thick luxuriant fur and soft puffy dewlap.

She made mornings worth getting up for. As soon as she sees us wake up, she would be jumping in and out of her cage in excitement. When the door to Bobbery Land opens, she would dash straight into the bathroom and hang around our legs, poking and prodding us for head rubs. A bit of nosying around to make sure no new stuff have appeared in the bedroom or she would have to mark it as hers. Sometimes she would sneak into the shower behind me and get her feetsies wet, leaving footprints all over the carpet.

Food time was always great for her. She LOVED food. I could spend ages watching her guzzling everything with great gusto. She would twitch with excitement when she got treats like apple, peach and strawberries. She would grunt at you so you do not touch her stuff once you put it down. :)

She had a favourite binky spot where you would be rewarded with a binky when you chase her there. She also loved to chase her little fleece blankie round and round and give it little nibbles when she got hold of it. She was a really happy and lively bunny.

I am glad that I have had her in my life and it would be hard to find another bunny with the spunk that she had. It has been a wonderful almost 4 years with her. See Baby Bobbers back then.

Bye bye my dearest Bobbi bunny (aka Bobbers, Chubbers). Love you lots.


Monica said...


Omg! Bobbers! *sobs*

We will miss you dear bunny! May you binky free in Rainbow Bridge. Rex shall come and see you one day.

Michelle, Rex and I hope you are going to be alright. Bobbers was a diamond in the rough for sure.

Take care.

Shugar said...

Just as Bobbers was the best bunny ever, I'm sure she couldn't ask for a better bunny person ever!