Friday, January 30, 2009


We finally got some relief from the searing heat today. There was a cool change in the late afternoon with some sea breezes coming in and the temperature dropped quite drastically to something more normal.

A little bit of drama on the way home though. When we got home, there was no power in the building and we had to climb the stairs up not knowing if we would make it into our floor if the security wasn't working and the door was locked. We took the risk and luckily we could get in. We hung around for a while not knowing what to do without any power. I went for a shower and the power came back on. :D Hooray! It turned out that they were cutting power to ease up usage because of the large demand to cope with the heat recently.

We are going to have some more warm days but nothing like the heat we've had for the past 3 days so that is a big relief!

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