Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bobbi Houdini

Something really funny happened last night when I went to give Bobbi her veggies before I went to bed. When I got to her "room" she was jumping up and down excitedly in her cage and the door to the cage was closed.

That is weird because the cage door is usually open as she lives in an enclosed balcony. She goes back to her cage to get her food and go on the toilet. I stood there for a long time trying to figure out how she could have ended up in there with the door closed.

I came to 2 conclusions:
1) She closed the door after she went in (Hehehe! That is quite funny to imagine).
2) I sometimes close the cage door before I put in food to prevent my arm being eaten in her haste to get to food. I might not have opened it again when I did that earlier. She would have had to leap in from the top opening which is about 1m high. But it would have been a really awkward entry unless she landed on the top of the cage first. Bobbers hardly jumps up on things though (except between levels in her cage for food). She is most ground-loving bunny I know...unless the call of food was just so great...Hehehe!

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