Thursday, February 08, 2007

A nice evening out

After 3 days of working late, we made a special effort to get to the St Kilda Beach Night Market. This week is also when the St Kilda festival is happening so I thought there might be a little more festivities there.

We bought a nice cake and a cherry tart from the Monarch cake shop (for breakfast), had dinner at Grill'd and then went to take a look at the market.

Yummy-looking cherry tart

There is a nice atmosphere at this market compared to others we have been to. There were performers, people and kids dancing to the music, people sitting on the lawns (or what was left of them) and the nice smell of hotdogs in the air. As the weather the past few days has been quite cool, it made for a really lovely stroll around.

Stalls there have a hippie feel to them - vintage clothing, handmade jewellery, leather goods, craft items, bags, tie-dyed stuff etc. There was even a drink stall selling chai!

I got a nice skirt/top/dress for $30.

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