Saturday, February 24, 2007

Busy Saturday

Darlink went to Sydney on Friday for work and is spending the weekend there. I entertained myself fully for today - did baking in the morning, shopping in the afternoon and started making a stuffed bunny in the evening.

Here is the recipe I tested out from the Macro Wholefoods newsletter.

Note that this didn't have any butter or oil in it. As such, it is a little dry but the dried cherries I used (in place of cranberries) added some bursts of flavour.

Met Charli in the afternoon for a walk to Brunswick Street and ended up at Red Tongue for lunch (at 3+ after a lot of stops along the way and Charli more than $100 poorer :D).

This is what we both ordered because it sounded so good but turned out a little small - puff pastry, asparagus, smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce.

After lunch, we crossed the road to Hunter Gatherer and found that they sell vintage fabric there! Of course I got some. A stuffed bunny is in the process of being churned out as I type this.

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