Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some funny office pics

The funny biscuit box Posted by Picasa

This was what greeted us in the pantry this morning. The biscuit box got filled up so high that the lid could not fit and yet the person who filled it up just balanced the lid on top :D The reason for this is because of the leftover biscuits that are growing in number each day at the bottom as they are the varieties that most people do not seem to like. Wonder how it will look tomorrow...

Candy galore Posted by Picasa

This load of candy & chocolate is what we bought with leftover change from one of the group lunches that we sometimes have. There was about $20 left the last time because people did not factor in the discount we got on the total bill. We just look like a bunch of really unhealthy people :P This only lasts for half a day.

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