Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Had a traumatic day at the dentist today. First of all, the reason why I had to be going to a dentist so soon was because the filling I had previously (that cost a $485 bomb!) fell out again last night!

In addition to having go through the same procedure again today (although it seemed a lot faster), the dentist dropped some portion of some dental instrument down the back of my throat and I could not cough it up. It is now somewhere in my stomach! :(

Had to endure X-rays to try and find out where the bit went and the trauma of the whole experience :( I don't think she even apologised for all that stress she caused me and she knows how nervous I am at the dentist...I don't think I will be seeing her again.

This whole episode does nothing to help my already existing fear of dentists and my lousy luck with my teeth. So terrible! Now I will have a fear of dental instruments going down my throat as well.

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