Sunday, October 09, 2005

Darlink's birthday today!

Today dear Darlink reached the big 30! Oohhh!! But then again, age is just a number ;) How old you are is how old you feel...I think he still feels very young mostly anyway...:D

We had cake in the morning together with Bobbi bunny (but she was more interested in running around on the sofa...hehehe!) - one nice big mud cake for our mud cake/ chocolate fan.

Happy Birthday dear Darlink! From Bobbi bunny & me Posted by Picasa

After church, we had Yum Cha together with Charli and Johnny at the Red Emperor and then we went to Crown Casino since we were in the area and I knew they were having some flower display there.

A peacock! Posted by Picasa

Flamingoes Posted by Picasa

Fantasy landscape Posted by Picasa

The Floral Fantasy flower exhibition was made up of six specially constructed, large scale installations incorporating over 150,000 individual fresh flowers. Very pretty to look at as you can see!

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