Saturday, July 25, 2009

A busy busy day!

Went to the long-awaited organic expo in the morning. I went to the last one 2 years ago and I have been waiting for the next one! Pity it only happens here every other year. Got there in the late morning and spent about 2.5 hours and quite some money buying lots of sauces and healthy bars! There was also an animal farm set up in the expo and the bunnies there were so cute. They were extremely tame and when put on the lap of kids, the bunnies just sat there! None of my bunnies ever do that. There was also a huge himalayan bunny. It was massive compared to all the others!

There was a craft and quilt fair happening on this weekend as well and I spent a long time deciding if I should go there. We did in the end - in the evening because we wanted to find out more about some sewing machines. There were loads of fabric and I really had to rein myself in! We spent about 3 hours there! That made for a huge amount of walking in one day but it was fun!

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