Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A big surprise

I got a huge surprise today at lunch time when my boss told me that he got me a bunny. He probably thought I was feeling sad because I would look at Bobbers on my office wallpaper every day. :P

Being a pet owner too, maybe he understood the emptiness of not having one around and when he saw bunnies in the pet shop, he thought of getting me one. How sweet!

Anyway, here's the cute little bunny. She doesn't have a name yet.


Monica said...

Wow such a cutie! Congrats Michelle!

And that's really nice and thoughtful of your boss! ^^

Hope you and and your little one have years of joy and love ahead!

3 Furballs said...

She's cute! Your boss is really nice! That was really sweet of him to think of you. I'm sure he got a kick of seeing your expression:P

Looking forward to more cute pics!