Monday, March 30, 2009

Fur storm

Bobbers is molting. I have to try and pull out clumps of loose fur whenever I can from all over her body because she doesn't like the Furminator. Today when I was giving her head rubs, I tried pulling out the loose fur and she didn't seem to mind. So I pulled out as much as I could. A little fur storm arose :)


Monica said...

lol, so cute. =P

My rabbit is molting as well, although he's almost done.

Just wondering, which vet do you take Bobbers to? Coz I need to find a bunny-friendly vet, as Rex probably has a blocked tear duct.

Monica said...

Hi! I live in Melbourne as well, in Blackburn.

Where do you get your rabbit stuff? i.e litter box, hay, food, medicine etc.

Please email me at

Much appreciated!