Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bunny expressions

I finally braced myself enough to cut Bobber's nails today. It was a little hard trying to get hold of her initially because she could sense something was going to happen when we kept trying to tempt her with papaya tablets and raisins and she refused to come out (the clever girl). When she finally got into the carrier because we needed to get her outside onto a glass table, she stamped and stamped her foot. But the nail cutting process was actually very smooth! Bunnypapa held onto her but she didn't struggle at all and I could check every nail carefully. I am so proud! :D

After that, she went to the bathroom and sulked and refused to let me touch her although I gave her 2 raisins and 2 currants. Hehehe! I think she was quite happy actually because she was doing the flop. She just wanted to tell me she was not pleased with me. But after 10 minutes, she was my friend again :D



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