Sunday, October 19, 2008

My tough dearie

Bobbers was not feeling too well yesterday. It probably had to do with her tummy again because she didn't want to eat or move around much at all (I even managed to trim some of her nails and she did not budge!). Spent the most of yesterday cajoling her to eat and drink, trying to stuff food in her mouth and rubbing her tummy (and praying too!). I was going to have to bring her to the vet if she wasn't going to eat. Managed to get a few drops of water in her during the day and by night, she finally got tired of my bugging her and gobbled up 2 raisins and 2 currants. She then went to her water bottle for a nice long drink! Hooray! I left her with some vegies for the night and saw her sitting on her toilet before I went to sleep.

This morning, all the vegies were gone and she was back to her usual happy self. :) I found a mass of black poops she managed to get out which probably made her feel better. I gave her 2 rounds of Critical Care mash - She only eats that after she is back to her greedy self again which kind of isn't great since she is supposed to be eating that when she is off food but I couldn't get her to have it yesterday. Her latest poops are nice and healthy (i.e: big & round) already & she is all excited for food & play again! :D

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