Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Bunny Mosaic

1. 29augmui3, 2. "Here's some parsley for you.", 3. mm, parsely, 4. does this shade of lipstick suit me?, 5. Zaklina Lionhead Bunny, 6. Cowgirl Mu, 7. *waves*, 8. Tucker getting ready for the vet, 9. Intelligent?, 10. IMG_2669, 11. Poncho, 12. His name is Frank: Why are you wearing that stupid man-suit?, 13. I'm Ready for My Close-up Mr DeMille, 14. beau sitting on the chair, 15. Eating rabbit, 16. What?

A mosaic of some of the cute bunnies I've seen on Flickr (which I visit everyday). Bunnies are the best! :D

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