Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cherry picking trip 2

We went on a road trip with Charli, Johnny and Kenneth (Johnny's housemate)yesterday. This was to celebrate Charli birthday coming up next week...but also a good excuse for a road trip anyway since we haven't gone on one in quite a while :D

We headed to the Dandenongs, had lunch at a restaurant called Flippin' Pancakes at Sassafras, walked around a bit in that town and then headed to Olinda, the next town on the road. Time went past rather quickly as we had a late start - rushed to the Blue Hill berries & cherries farm next as they were supposed to be closing at 4pm.

Luckily as can be seen in pictures below, we did make it there on time and managed to get a load (1kg+) of cherries to bring home :)

The cherries were slightly small in size but still taste good nonetheless. We might miss the peak of the season in a few weeks' time so this is great just in case we don't get any more!

So many the branch was weighed down! I am holding it up here. Posted by Picasa

Red cherries Posted by Picasa

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